Jewellery Trends 2022

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Jewellery Trends

As you build your career, it’s essential to be aware of what’s popular at the current moment. It’s as important when you’re established as when you’re just starting out. Even when working solo in a studio, no jeweller is really alone. Arts and crafts, whether jewellery, oil painting or pottery, are about engaging with the world around us, absorbing things from it and creating afresh. 


It’s always fascinating when large groups of people focus on something. What is it that attracts them, and what does it say about where we are now? A simple ring can say a lot about the present time.

Of course, trends are an opportunity to promote your work and make sales. If you’re in tune with people, and aware of what is moving and shifting, you can make items that move people and get them talking – and sharing on social media.

What will your new clients be looking for this year?



Instagram’s impact on trends

Instagram has played a huge role in diversifying trends since it launched back in 2010. Within two months it had amassed one million users, and continues to grow year-on-year. In 2016, the company announced it had over 600 million active monthly users. 


It completely changed how many people engage with the world, particularly fashion. Before the platform, there were just a few trends each season, guided by gatekeepers at publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Though many countercultural movements broke through to the mainstream in the decades following the 1960s, people from a certain background had the last say.

Now, thanks to social media, trends can be set by the masses. It’s not the whole story – big companies employ viral marketers to ensure they can still lead fashion – but what they’re selling still needs to catch on with people. Any creative can build a loyal audience without any need to please the gatekeepers of the past. And that includes you.

Speeding up

Things are moving a lot faster, too. Micro trends – intense short-term interest in a particular item or attitude – regularly bubble up on social media, seemingly out of nowhere. Owl jewellery, for example, was everywhere a few years ago. Now, people are looking for bright colours and talismans. Vivienne Westwood’s pearl chokers have also had quite a moment recently.


It’s a wonderful time to start out in jewellery. Even a simple piece can catch on, such as the ribbon chokers worn by the supermodel Hadid sisters in recent years. Spot a micro trend that’s a perfect match for your jewellery style? A quick hashtag can alert new customers to your work.

That’s the great thing about being a jeweller – spending time on Instagram can be an important part of your business. Just make sure you’re doing actual research, not just mindlessly scrolling …



Trends and your personal style 

Interestingly, truly stylish people aren’t ruled by trends. They’re simply passionate about culture and engage with it in their day-to-day lives. David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character was inspired by his interest in Japan, especially kabuki theatre. Glam rock was in part a rebellion against the rather limiting gender roles of the era. And the fluidity of seventies clothing was a response to the more structured designs of the sixties.


Beautifully dressed people often incorporate a passing fashion into their own style – they make it their own. That’s why, when creating your jewellery, you need to stay rooted in what moves you emotionally and intellectually. Follow your passions. That way, you can use trends rather than just copy them.

Never get involved in something just for the sake of it. If a fad doesn’t spark joy in you, it probably won’t fit well in your work. Don’t worry – it won’t be long before something else takes your fancy.

During your training, really examine what excites you. Our students spend a lot of time looking at different cultures and eras to develop and understand their tastes. There are many ways to do this – you might be interested in bold shapes, or a particular country, for example. Prefer classic style? Use a trend to add a new twist to an old favourite.

Want a creative career that taps into your love of fashion? Jewellery making could be your new best friend. Our Fundamentals course trains you as much in business as it does in creativity and skills.



Top 5 jewellery trends for 2022

Starting out in jewellery? Need some inspiration? Here’s what’s hot right now. 

Mood-lifting colour

This is a major part of dopamine dressing, where people use colour to improve their wellbeing. It’s inspired by a few different cultural trends, notably the LGBTQ+ rainbow and the growing influence of African style, renowned for its vibrancy and print. African style is likely to grow in influence, especially as the V&A’s recent exhibition brought it to the attention of the mainstream.

It’s also likely that people want to have fun with style after an extended period indoors. So, your new customers might to play around and try brighter pieces. Party rings are a big talking point, with their chunky, boiled-sweet like gems.

take a look at Coeur de Lion’s Geocube collection. It explores this fashion, using Bauhaus as an inspiration. Perhaps this influential twentieth century art movement could help you tap into what’s gathering interest now, too?


Mixing things up

Throw those old rules out of the window – jewellery is evolving. Breaking the rules is very inspiring, and great fun, of course. Mixing metals is a major part of this movement. Pairing gold and silver used to be frowned upon, for some reason. Not anymore. Even classic jewellery houses are doing it in the same item.

All this taps into the focus on colour, and is further evidence of your potential customers wanting to experiment this year. It’s a great opportunity for you to play around with your new materials. Who cares if it doesn’t work? There’s a lesson in every mistake. 

 you don’t get more traditional than Cartier, so when their artisans experiment, there’s something going on. This trinity ring blends white, rose and yellow golds in a very classic way. It shows you don’t have to shout loud to make the most of this trend.


Statement Jewellery


Chunky chains, standout earrings, big drops and sparkles … yes, attention-grabbing pieces are certainly having a moment in 2022. Our students have noticed that designers are adding a painterly touch to classic chain necklaces, with splashes of enamel and semi-precious gemstones.

For many, the last few years have made them realise the importance of face-to-face contact and socialising. Statement jewellery expresses personality, and grabs attention at any gathering. 

Don’t worry if you prefer to create more delicate work – there’s still a lot of interest in them. Plus, they’re bound to come back in sooner or later.


Marie Lichtenberg’s locket chains are fastened with bright enamel clasps decorated with protective symbols. Her chains were inspired by a trip to India – maybe it’s time to scroll through your holiday photos and get those creative juices flowing.



If you can make someone laugh, you’re likely to gain a follower, sale or even friend. So, it’s no surprise that jewellers are going all out to make their clients smile. Even classic chains are getting embellished with everything from neon enamel to brilliant-cut diamonds 

Again, it’s part of the wider theme of people wanting to have fun after restrictions. 

Don’t think your items have to shout, though. A quiet sense of playfulness can work well, especially if your approach to jewellery is more intellectual. If your items make people think, you’re likely to create longstanding relationships with clients who ‘get’ your work. 

Crystal Haze’s Juan necklace incorporates colourful gummy bears, nailing the colour and playfulness trends in one. Inspiration can be found in the most surprising places, so always be on the lookout.



Love your astrology, tarot and witchcraft? So are lots of other people, from #Witchtok on TikTok to therapeutic tarot readers on Instagram. It’s not just the West, either. According to The Economist, fortune-telling will soon be a $3.7bn industry in South Korea

It’s understandable. Throughout history, people have used talismanic jewellery for protection and comfort, especially in challenging times. Their precious items gives them a sense of power. Talismans have deep cultural roots so this is more a recurring human interest or need than a fashion.

Talismans are very personal, so this kind of jewellery is ideal if you want to make bespoke or customisable items. Quality is important, as your clients may want to pass items on, sometimes through their family.  

 Astley Clarke’s Evil Eye collection uses a traditional symbol, believed to have started in the Middle East, to protect against negativity. 


Feeling inspired? Looking for a career that gives you creative fulfilment and good money? Check out our Fundamentals course. All our tutors have achieved real-world success in the jewellery industry.



Sustainability – more than just a trend

Sustainability is making waves right now, for good reasons. According to the State of Fashion report, an estimated 20-30% of fine jewellery sales globally will be influenced by sustainability considerations by 2025. The criteria include environmental impact and ethical sourcing practices.

So, sustainability is both fashionable and an essential part of jewellery making – and the future of the planet.


Expect your new clients to ask questions about where you source your materials and what you’re doing to help the planet. Make sure you explore all options and do your research with care.

At TJMC, we believe that creativity is the best way to make a change. For example, could you use vintage or antique pieces in your work? Or encourage your social media followers to buy less throw away fast fashion, and buy handmade of a higher quality? It all helps.


Stay connected

When it comes to trends, pay attention to what’s out there, but don’t follow the herd. Tap into what makes your heart sing and use it to have fun when you create your items.

Broaden your search beyond jewellery, too. Ask yourself what people are looking for and why. What’s happening in society at large? What are people thinking about and responding to? Challenging times are also very creative times, as people look for solutions to what is happening.

Always be yourself, and don’t worry if what you love isn’t in right now. Fashion, including jewellery, is an ongoing conversation. Sometimes it’s calm, other times argumentative, but its ALWAYS interesting. 

Get involved – who knows, you might start your own trend …

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