To create jewellery entrepreneurs across the world


We’re here to help people like you create a successful jewellery company. We want you to achieve your dreams, one goal at a time.


Did you know that 92% of creative jobs in the UK are held by people from more affluent backgrounds? We want to change that.


After years of experience in jewellery, brand development and business, we’re sharing all we’ve learnt. That way, everyone – including you – can have the best study, support and guidance they need to create a solid business. You deserve to live the life you want.


Whatever your background or income, you’re welcome on our courses. 

We like to think of our journey as a very modern love story. Yes, you’ve guessed it – we met on social media. One of us is from India, the other the UK, so our relationship has meant a LOT of travel. After years of living apart, in 2018 we got married and settled in the UK. 

But we soon found we needed more flexibility. With half of our family in the UK and half in India, we want the freedom to work in both countries. After all, life’s best moments are with your loved ones. Perhaps you can relate to that? Increasingly, people are yearning for different ways of working.

So, we decided to pool our talents and The Jewellery Making Co. was born. It wasn’t just a practical choice, though. The Jewellery Making Co. is shaped by our lives so far…  

“I have my family to thank for my jewellery career. I spent as many Sundays as I can remember dressing up in Gran’s gems. Dad was a graphic designer – he taught me to draw and appreciate the art of perspective. Little did I know back then how important that would be. Thanks to their support I studied Jewellery Design at Central St Martins. 

Life there was wonderful … wonderful but tough. As one of a handful who needed a full student loan, I had to take up extra jobs. Living in London is expensive. Since then, I’ve had years of success in the jewellery industry. I’m so proud that my work has been shown in designer collections at both London and Paris Fashion Week. 

I’m really aware that many get put off, especially by cost to study and lack of opportunity. That’s why I want to make jewellery creation open to all.”

We both know how support and encouragement open up worlds of possibilities. That’s why we’re offering education and training for all. We’re also giving some of our profits to charities giving children a creative education across the world. 

You know best what YOUR time is worth and where YOUR focus will be most valuable... Make that time count by nurturing the projects you really love. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go on … give it a try!